Feng Shui

For thousands of years, Chinese Feng Shui masters have studied natural and man-made environments to determine their impact on people. Knowing that the elements of nature and the stresses of society affect the quality of our lives in different ways, they learned how to create harmonious environments which attracted health, wealth and supportive relationships.


Frau Haus Design draws on the tradition of classical Feng Shui, which uses mathematical combinations passed down over generations to determine the energy pattern of a home or office and blends this ancient art form with contemporary interior design to elevate your home or work environment to a place of beauty, inspiration and abundance.


By fully integrating Feng Shui into our interior designs, we are creating environments that protect, support and advance our clients’ lives, businesses and goals. We invite you to take advantage of the powerful transformation that we can help you achieve in your home or office.


Every project starts with an advanced Feng Shui analysis of the space to determine the optimal furniture layout, lighting, colours and materials in order to create a master plan that incorporates all these features into a cohesive and modern design to improve your health, prosperity, relationships and overall happiness.

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