Silk Facts

Silk is the fiber that silkworms weave to make cocoons. To obtain silk, distributors boil or gas the worms alive inside their cocoons. Although worms can't show their distress in ways that humans easily recognise, anyone who has ever seen worms startle when their dark homes are uncovered must acknowledge that worms are sensate—they produce endorphins and have a physical response to pain.

Approximately 6,600 silkworms are killed to make 1kg of silk.

There are many reports about child labour in the silk industry with some as young as 5 years old forced to work in silk factories. 

Luckily there are many cruelty-free options such as tencel, rayon, polyester, bamboo and milkweed seedpod fibres that have the same luxurious feel and are animal-friendly. 

Treated Silk
Natural Silk