Down​ Facts

It takes the repeated torture of 12 geese or 30 ducks to fill just one standard size pillow with down feathers. Approximately every six weeks, the birds' feathers are plucked out of the living animals, often leaving bleeding and gaping wounds. They have to go through this process with full senses and without anesthetics. Their torn skin is sewn up without pain relief. The birds often die from these wounds or the trauma of this experience alone. 

Despite live plucking being illegal in many countries including all of Europe and the US and international certifications such as  the 'Responsible Down Standard (RDS)' assuring consumers that down and feathers do not come from live-plucked birds, they often do! The RDS has admits that they allow RDS certified companies to buy and sell live-plucked feathers. When investigators visited farms in China, where 80 percent of all down comes from, suppliers admitted to buying and selling live-plucked down and misleading consumers.

With the availability of synthetic fibers, tencel and bamboo we do not need to support these cruel practices. The alternatives are just as soft, just as warm and just as light with the added bonus of being hypoallergenic and healthy.