Frau Haus Design is an award-winning design studio that specialises in creating distinctive, cruelty-free interior, furniture and lighting designs. As a boutique studio based in Sydney, we offer client focused, inspiring and timeless solutions for your interior spaces, commercial and residential. With broad experience in the use of colour, interior furnishings and lighting components and a team of excellent and reliable suppliers and partners in the building industry, FHD can offer anything from a colour consultation to full turn-key retail store, office fitout or residential solutions. Technical expertise and a strong focus on the lighting component of your project sets us apart from many other companies in the industry and we cannot repeat often enough: an interior design stands and falls with the lighting! 


Cruelty-free interior design uses products which do not originate from any living creature and are not animal byproducts or tested on animals.  Our cruelty-free designs use only products, materials and fabrics that do not contain, harm, torture or exploit any conscious living being. The beautiful thing about becoming aware of animal exploitation in interior design is how easy it is to make a difference. By choosing the luxurious alternatives that are available everywhere these days, you can save animals without sacrificing style. We believe that interiors should look good, feel good and be morally guilt-free.


We want to make great design accessible for everyone and work very closely with our clients to agree on the directions taken to reflect their personalities and aspirations. Our diverse portfolio includes make-overs, renovations and extensions of existing spaces as well as designs and concepts for new interiors. We pride ourselves on supporting our clients in maximising longevity and return on investment of their properties while helping them create an identity and expand business opportunities.